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The local Riggs Roadside, LLC serves you within 30 minute response time in most areas of Rock Hill. The closer the cheaper. Call us now!

Roadside assistance are provided for our valued customers through Riggs Roadside, LLC, which offers Towing Services and roadside assistance services to all local roads, highways and interstates. Our Crew Members stand prepared to provide professional, quick-response services at prompt notice. Easily select the emergency roadside service that you need from the above pictures and gives us a call. For many years, We have provided quality 24-hr roadside assistance, which includes towing service, tire change, jump start, fuel delivery and lockout rescue in South and North Carolina

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- Andrea Berlusconi on Riggs Roadside, LLC
Tire Change

I was traveling home when the tire blew on my truck outside of York. I jumped out of my truck to attempt to change my own tire realizing that I did not have the tools to do so and when I went to get back into my truck, I wasn’t able to due to the door automatically locking. Luckily, I was able to crawl through the window. I then called several other Tow/Roadside Assistant companies that claimed to be 24/7 and found out that they were in fact not opened. I was informed by interstate towing that they do not service the area that I was in and that I was out of there service area…. Seriously I was in YORK.

I came across Riggs Roadside and he answered. He was able to get to where I was quickly and had a neat drill thing and got my tire off and the spare on in no time. He was very nice, professional and give some good advice onto where to get a new tire for my truck. I would totally recommend Riggs Roadside Assistance and Rod. Thank you and keep up the good work

- Ashley Howerton on Riggs Roadside, LLC

I must have accidentally tapped my lights one when I was unloading my truck and it killed my battery in my truck. I ended up calling a few other towing companies they were what seemed reluctant to help me out. I then called Riggs Roadside Assistance and spoke with Rod. He had someone here at my place in about 20 minutes and got me jumped and started up. These guys are truly awesome and on point.

- Kayla Wood on Riggs Roadside, LLC
Flat Tire

I was on my way home from my brothers house when I hit a pothole and blew my tire and I didn't have a spare. Riggs Roadside came out and got me to a safe place and got me a new tire for my vehicle. These guys are the best I would highly recommend these guys to my friends and family actually I'd recommend these to everyone.

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