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How to find a cheap tow truck near me?

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Enter the address of your car, the system will estimate the time of arrival taking into account traffic jams.

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Nobody is safe from troubles on the road. And it doesn't matter what kind of car you have.

For example, what to do if your car gets stuck in the mud, flat tire, out of gas or you opened the trunk while taking out things, put the keys next to it in the trunk, and then closed the trunk... and the keys were locked in the car. How would you respond?

But, I hear you say, this isn't about me, I have a shovel, a winch, a spare, enough gas, my car doesn’t lock up. So imagine that you were going out to the suburbs for a picnic, children accidentally turned on the headlights of the car, when it got dark, the battery was dead. What would you do in this case? These are the simplest incidents that do not depend on the make, or on the age of the car, or on your driving experience.

Big things happen, such as a car breakdown or collision. If this happens in your area, then you call your car service and they will help. But what to do if you have moved far from home, gone on vacation or on a business trip? The most cautious, of course, have already joined the auto club, and they will be helped, but not quickly, of course...

For all these cases, you can search for tow truck near me but there is also a universal solution - the Roadside Assistance 24 App, which provides the phone numbers of the nearest towing and roadside assistance services around the world.

That’s why every motorist should have the Roadside Assistance 24 App!

Tow truck near me

Minimum prices for towing and roadside assistance

Without intermediaries

We do not charge any commissions on roadside service orders like other systems, so the driver receives your payment in full.

Call the driver directly

Local private companies are listed here.

Discuss the cost

Discuss the cost with the driver and choose the most suitable conditions.

Call a tow truck near you

The cost depends not only on the service itself, but also on the distance the driver has to travel to get to you, therefore, the closer the company is, the cheaper the service will be for you.

Service commission
Towing services
Local wrecker
from $50
Flatbed tow truck
from $60
Elite towing
from $150
Interstate long distance towing
from $2 per mile
Motorcycle towing
from $50
Heavy duty towing
from $50
Semi truck towing
from $120
Tow boat
from $200
Heavy wrecker
from $150
Roadside assistance services
Flat tire change
from $20
Car recovery
Battery jump start
from $20
Tire repair
from $5
Semi truck road service

Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite the same, because the Roadside Assistance 24 shows real location of tow trucks, not just parking as map services. The tow truck near me cheaper and faster!

Yes, we’re all used to using Uber, and we would also like to just solve the issue with the roadside assistance, but:

  • Firstly, roadside assistance is a more complicated service, so it is advisable to talk to a specialist who can offer you the best solution.
  • Secondly, automated services charge a significant fee on each order, and if you call the driver directly, then he receives your payment in full. It is cheaper for you and more profitable for the driver so he does his job more willingly.

Non-emergency towing and roadside assistance services

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Do you want to get a service cheap?

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Ready to wait for a passing service vehicle?

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It's cheaper

Most providers operate 24 hours a day, but roadside assistance services are cheaper during off-peak hours. Because in this case, the driver spends less time on each order. Therefore, if you do not need an emergency roadside service, leave a message.